3 Signs Your Building’s Furnace Needs Maintenance

February 15, 2018

3 Signs Your Building’s Furnace Needs Maintenance

How can you tell when your commercial heating and cooling system needs service from a professional?

Industrial HVAC systems have become more complex over time and require regular attention to stay in good working order. Look for these signs to determine if it’s time to call Jersey HVAC Pros and have our industry-leading contractors give your HVAC a tune-up.

Everyone Complains About the Funny Smell

A stinky HVAC system is a troubled HVAC system. Strange smells emitting from vents could indicate:

  • Broken or damaged components
  • Dirty or blocked ductwork
  • Dirty air filters
  • Electrical problems

Any of these issues has the potential to be dangerous if not addressed quickly. Without industrial HVAC repair, you, your employees and your customers could be at risk from airborne fumes or particles, or the system could break down completely and leave you without a way to heat or cool the building.

You Have to Shout Over the Noise

Do you ever have to raise your voice during meetings to be heard over the sound of the heat or AC turning on? While this may seem like the subject of a running joke around the office, it’s actually an indication of something going awry in your HVAC system. A well-maintained HVAC should start up with little or no noise. Strange sounds could mean the ducts are dirty or fuel isn’t being properly delivered into the system.

Listen for the type of noise your HVAC makes. Does it clank or clunk? Do you hear whistling or howling? Let us know how you’d describe the problem so that we understand what to look for and can repair the system before permanent damage is done.

Heating and Cooling Costs Suddenly Skyrocket

As business owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to stick to a budget. You can’t afford the shock of a high heating or cooling bill, but you could get this sort of unpleasant surprise if your HVAC system hasn’t been serviced in a while. Paying more to keep the building the same temperature when fuel costs haven’t gone up is a sign the system is working harder to maintain a steady output. This can result from ductwork blockage, worn parts or outdated system components. To correct the problem, call an expert with more than 9,000 hours of training and the 5-Star Seal of Approval to look at it and address the problem.

At Jersey HVAC Pros, we know maintaining your industrial HVAC installation is a big job. We offer service contracts and maintenance agreements to take the guesswork out of keeping the system running smoothly. We know it can be tough to fit maintenance into your schedule, but a preventative program is essential if you want to keep your building comfortable all year long. Our licensed and insured industrial HVAC contractors are ready to clean, maintain or repair your commercial HVAC unit and ensure it lasts for a long time with maximum return on investment.

Find the Jersey HVAC Pro closest to you to help you keep your building comfortable and lower your heating and cooling bills with a consistent service plan.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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