Can It Wait? 5 Essential Commercial HVAC Maintenance Must-Dos

January 22, 2018

Can It Wait? 5 Essential Commercial HVAC Maintenance Must-Dos

While preventative maintenance is crucial to keeping your commercial HVAC system operating efficiently, you may be wondering what maintenance measures are essential and which ones can wait.

While some maintenance can be performed less frequently, other inspections shouldn’t be put off because they’re vital to the safe and effective operation of your industrial HVAC system.

Here are maintenance measures that just can’t wait.

Check for Leaks

Whether you’re preparing for the summer or winter months, leaks in your commercial HVAC system not only hinder its performance, but they can be a major safety hazard and cause your system to use more energy, which drives up costs.

Industrial HVAC contractors check for leaks in areas such as your compressor and heat exchanger. The seals in a compressor deteriorate over the years and leak refrigerant. This will result in your vents blowing lukewarm air, driving up the cost of heating and cooling while reducing the life of your system.

Likewise, a contractor will check the heat exchanger for holes and leaks. Leaks can lead to harmful gases like carbon monoxide being released indoors, making it an essential safety issue for everyone in the building. This is defiantly one maintenance item that cannot be pushed off.

Clean and Replace Air Filters

Clogged filters are one of the most common reasons HVAC systems break down. Filters collect dust, dirt and other particles that pass through the air. Dirty filters restrict airflow and hinder your industrial HVAC’s efficiency. They also impact air quality in your building, which can impact the health of occupants.

Air filters should be changed regularly, three or four times a year. Using quality filters can extend the life of your HVAC system, improve energy efficiency and help keep occupants healthier with cleaner air.

Inspect Belts

Belts should be inspected for proper tension, as well as for fraying or cracking. Proper belt tension prevents the belt from slipping and also improves efficiency. Loose belts reduce drive efficiency, which results in reduction in fan speed and airflow.

Check Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling functions, which mean they’re under more strain than other parts of the system since they have no “off-season.” It’s important to ensure these components are operating at their best with regular maintenance at least twice a year.

Check Thermostat Operation

If your thermostat hasn’t been checked in a while, it’s important to make sure it’s operating correctly. This should be performed in the fall and spring to prepare for winter and summer. If the thermostat isn’t operating correctly, your commercial HVAC system could run more frequently than needed, increasing your energy consumption.

Proper maintenance of your commercial HVAC helps you eliminate the need for major repairs and improves energy efficiency, which can save you money in many ways.

While detailed maintenance checks throughout the year are recommended and are part of an annual service contract, you should at least ensure an industrial HVAC contractor performs the most essential maintenance items.

Our contractors can work with you to develop a maintenance schedule and budget to keep your commercial HVAC system operating at optimal levels. Find an industry-leading HVAC expert backed by the Jersey HVAC Pros 5-Star Seal of Approval in your area.

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