How Hurricane Harvey Impacts Corporate Buildings

October 5, 2017

How Hurricane Harvey Impacts Corporate Buildings

Those who live in hurricane-prone areas know the danger that comes with these powerful storms, but many of them overlook certain factors. If your company was impacted by Hurricane Harvey, you will want to check on your heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit to ensure that it’s working properly.

The high winds and heavy rainfall that accompany hurricanes can cause a lot of damage, but you won’t always see the red flags right away. Your HVAC system could run well for a short period, but it could fail at any time. When you want your employees to remain productive, enlisting the services of a commercial HVAC team will give you peace of mind.

External Units
Flooding is common when hurricanes strike, and it’s vital you understand how this issue can impact your HVAC unit. Since your system contains a lot of components and electronic parts, they can short out when they are exposed to water. If you have not yet turned on your system, you should wait until an expert inspects it.

An industrial HVAC repair team will help you decide if you need to replace or repair your unit. Some facility managers ignore the issue and hope for the best to save money, but overlooking the threat is much more costly in the long run.

In addition to damaging your HVAC unit, flood water can also damage your ventilation system if you are not careful. The water from a flood can bring other contaminants with it and taint your vents, and you can’t afford to look the other way. Your HVAC unit might function properly, but the moisture can allow mold and corrosion to form inside your vents. Depending on the severity of the flood and the location of your corporate facility, you might need to replace your insulation when you are not willing to take chances.

How a HVAC Company Can Help
You are probably asking yourself what a commercial HVAC company can do to reduce the damage and get your HVAC unit running at its best. The repair expert will start by inspecting the coils and removing any residue that is present. To prevent your wires from shorting out, your technician will then take a look at your electrical components to ensure that moisture is not present.

If you have enlisted an industrial HVAC repair crew that won’t let you down, they will inspect and dry your vents and any additional parts of your HVAC system to keep your business up and running. They will repair what they can and offer to replace the rest, and they will tell you what option makes the most sense for your situation.

Getting Started
Since running your HVAC system while it’s damaged (especially from a hurricane like Harvey) can cause even more problems to occur, you will want to speak with a HVAC repair company right away. They will show up at your door and learn about your needs, and you will know that you are in good hands when you see what they can do. Whether you need a replacement or repair, your HVAC professionals will get the job done right the first time. If you have any questions or concerns about our HVAC repair service or want to learn how we can serve you, go to, pick up your phone to give us a call or write to [email protected].

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