Preparing Your Industrial HVAC System for the Winter

October 19, 2017

Preparing Your Industrial HVAC System for the Winter

Facility managers contact us each year for advice on how to keep their heating, ventilation and air conditioning system running properly, so we have created this guide. If you want to keep your industrial HVAC installation at its best during the winter months, you are likely wondering what steps you can take to ensure that will happen. Many companies simply wait for the temperature to drop and hope for the best, but you don’t want to repeat their mistake.
Unless you check your HVAC system for common maintenance issues, you could spend more money than needed on the company’s energy bill, and the costs will eat up budget. Also, failing to keep your unit in good shape can cause it to break when you need it the most. When you put in a little effort to ensure that your HVAC system does not have problems, your employees will remain comfortable and productive all winter without running into trouble.

Test the Thermostat
When facility managers reach out to us for industrial HVAC repair, they often tell us that their system won’t heat their building. The most common problem is that their thermostat is not working correctly, and addressing that issue first is a wise move. Before the snow begins falling, turn your heater on to see if you run into issues that you will need to address.
If you don’t feel any heat coming out from the vents, ask an industrial HVAC service company to look at your thermostat. You can even buy a new one and install it if you know how to do so, and many facility managers opt for WI-FI connected thermostats, allowing them to control the temperature from their smartphones and other portable devices.

Check the Vents
You could still need industrial HVAC repair services when your system seems to be functioning properly. Unless you check your vents before winter, you could have small leaks that will allow the warm air to escape from your building, forcing your HVAC system to work even harder, which will take a toll on your budget. While your HVAC system is on, check your ductwork for leaks and other problems. In some cases, clogged vents can prevent air from circulating throughout your office, so you might need to inspect the inside of your ventilation system.

Change the Filter
Facility managers commonly make the mistake of forgetting to change the filter in their HVAC system, and you don’t want to follow in their footsteps. Depending on your system, you will want to buy a new filter every three months to ensure proper airflow and filtration.

Call a Technician for Industrial HVAC Repair
Although you can take many steps to keep your HVAC system maintained, you can’t replace the touch of an industrial HVAC service team. By leaving it to the professionals, you will save yourself time and keep your company productive all winter. When you reach out to our team for help, we will ensure that your vents are clean and free from leaks, but we will also check your thermostat and filter. You will know that you are in good hands when we show up at your door, and we look forward to working with you.

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