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You Earned the Seal of Approval
Now Put it to Work

When you earned the Jersey HVAC 5-Star Seal of Approval, you joined an elite group of professionals armed with specialized training and limitless expertise. That’s no easy feat. With this exclusive designation, you’ve committed to uphold our alliance’s 5 standards of quality: Expertise, Reliability, Return on Investment (ROI), Accountability, and Trust. But what does that really mean?


As part of the Jersey HVAC Pros, you come to every job with over 9,000 hours of hands-on, in-field training and classroom learning with industry leaders. Plus, you commit to continuing education to ensure you’re equipped with the latest skills and equipment.


You do what you promise, when you promise. If the work doesn’t exceed the client’s expectations the first time, you make it right immediately. Every job. Every time.


You’re part of a statewide network of Pros committed to providing peace of mind, getting the job done right, on time, the first time, at a fair price. Your assistance is always just a phone call away.


While industrial HVAC and commercial refrigeration systems are a large investment, you help maximize returns by keeping systems up and running smoothly.


Your expertise, accountability, reliability, and ROI are the pillars on which businesses can place their trust. And trust is the key to long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Download the HVAC Pros Infographic, insert your logo/contact information, and hand it out to customers.

Customers Will Look for the Seal

As a Jersey HVAC Pro, it’s important to display the Seal of Approval proudly because customers will look for it. Every time someone sees that Seal, they know they are getting the best contractor in the business—and that means more business for you!

Jersey HVAC Pros Approved

Here’s How to Use the Seal of Approval

The Seal of Approval serves as the anchor of many of our marketing materials. As such, it should be given the appropriate space and positioning—separating it from other elements such as headlines, text, imagery and the outside edge of printed materials.

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