Commercial Refrigeration Service and Maintenance

Keeping it cool with commercial refrigeration service in New Jersey

If you operate a warehouse, restaurant or business that relies on refrigeration, downtime and loss of product can chill you to the bone. Whether your maintenance hasn’t been up to par or you’re dealing with an emergency situation, Jersey HVAC Pros with 5-Star Seal of Approval can be there to make sure the temperatures drop. Our certified technicians have gone through extensive training to diagnose the problem, implement a solution and restore your refrigeration system—the first time, every time. We service:

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Units and System

Your options are endless when it comes to commercial refrigeration units and systems—and you’re in luck. Jersey HVAC Pros installs and services all of them. In addition to the following systems, we install and service ice/thermal storage units, absorption units (lithium bromide and ammonia), ambient-humidity control and other process- cooling systems.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Makes All the Difference

The best way to avoid a refrigeration issue or emergency is to prevent it—and that has everything to do with maintenance. Commercial refrigeration is a significant investment for any organization, but proper service doesn’t have to be. With a Jersey HVAC Pros service contract, you can have routine commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance that keeps your system efficient and affordable for years to come. Our 5-Star Seal of Approval contractors are trained, licensed and fully insured to keep your system up and running.

Services to Keep Temps Low include:

Cold Enough for You?

What if you had to bury your food in the snow to keep it cold? Or douse your perishables with salt to keep them fresh? Not long ago, these were your only options. In fact, there was a time when only the wealthy could enjoy cold drinks because ice was so difficult to make. Needless to say, refrigeration has revolutionized how we consume, prepare, store and enjoy our food—but it’s also transformed manufacturing, technology, chemical facilities, pharmaceutical industry and more.

How Does Industrial Refrigeration Work?

In the most basic terms, commercial refrigeration creates a cold environment by removing heat. To get more technical, let’s take a look at the basic components of refrigeration:

Inside a refrigeration system, heat is absorbed by the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator as the liquid changes to a vapor. The vapor is then pushed through the coils in the condensing unit located outside of the body of the refrigerated space. Next, the vapor is compressed, the heat is squeezed out by high pressure and temperature, and then cooled in the condenser. The whole process is repeated until the desired temperature is reached.

For endless industries, including restaurants, supermarkets and pharmaceuticals, this process creates a prime location for food processing and storage, ice production, chilling water and/or brine, component production and manufacturing. And to succeed in these industries, having reliable refrigeration is a necessary expense. Let Jersey HVAC Pros make that a reality.

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