8-Step Checklist: Keep HVAC Running All Winter

January 8, 2018

8-Step Checklist: Keep HVAC Running All Winter

When the temperatures start to drop, the last thing you need is your commercial HVAC system to malfunction when you need it to produce warmth the most.
That’s why regular maintenance of your industrial HVAC system is important. Enlisting the services of expert commercial HVAC contractors not only prepares your system for the brutal winter months, maintenance also makes sure your equipment operates efficiently, which can decrease energy consumption, help you save money on your utility bill and increase your ROI on the equipment by extending its lifespan.

Before the first cold front moves in or snow falls, here are some maintenance checks your HVAC pro should make:

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Air filters can easily collect dust, dirt and grime that are a source for molds. Mold can make your employees and customers sick. Build-up on filters can restrict airflow, which reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system. Filters should be cleaned or replaced before winter to reduce heating costs by reducing the strain on the system while keeping workers and visitors healthy.

Inspect All Equipment

A Jersey HVAC Pros technician will examine all your system’s equipment to ensure all parts are functioning properly and address any concerns with you. Heat elements, dampers, flues, safeties and water gauges should all be checked. The heat exchanger can develop cracks with age, which can lead to toxic fume emittance, so it should be carefully inspected as well.

Clean or Remove Burners

Dirty burners can lead to poor combustion, soot, and condensation, all of which shorten the life of a heating system. These should be professionally cleaned or replaced, if necessary.

Calibrate Thermostats

After the summer months, your heating system has been dormant for a while, so the thermostat needs to be calibrated in order to function properly when the cold weather arrives. An industrial HVAC contractor will check the programming to ensure settings are optimal for energy savings. This can be done manually or through the building’s automation system.

Even if the heating schedule was programmed in the past, it should be rechecked. You don’t want the system running longer than necessary, which can drive up heating costs.

Clean Vents

If vents aren’t clean and clear, it can impact the air quality of the facility, which can lead to flare ups in allergies and spread germs. Dirty vents also make the commercial HVAC system work harder to circulate air throughout the facility, which will impact the lifespan of your equipment and lead to premature breakdown. Service professionals should clean air vents and also make sure nothing is blocking the flow of heat.

Clean or Adjust Blower

Dirty blower wheels decrease air flow, which makes coils freeze and the compressor fail, all of which impact the system’s lifespan and increase the cost of running it. The blower should be cleaned and adjusted to ensure proper airflow.

Examine and Lubricate Bearings, Motors and Moving Parts

Belts should be inspected for fraying, cracking and proper tension. Loose belts can slip or belts that are too tight can put stress on the motor and bearings. Bearings should be lubricated to avoid overheating, which can lead to breakage and damage to other parts, such as the blower wheel and shaft.

Winterize the Cooling System

You won’t be using your air conditioning for a while, so maintenance on your industrial system should be done to extend the life of the entire commercial heating and cooling system. Proper winter HVAC maintenance includes draining all cooling towers, shutting down chillers and emptying condensate drain traps.

System check ups are important throughout the year, but especially right before you need to use your heating system the most. You don’t want to wait until you’re in the middle of the winter to ensure everything is running properly. Having a service contract with an industrial HVAC professional ensures your system is operating efficiently and will power you through the winter. Locate one of the industry-leading Jersey HVAC Pros commercial HVAC contractors near you for your winter maintenance today.

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