Types of Furnace Filters for Your Industrial HVAC System

February 20, 2018

Types of Furnace Filters for Your Industrial HVAC System

Your commercial HVAC system is one of the biggest investments you will make in your businesses infrastructure. Air going into your business must pass through the filters in your furnace. A critical piece of maintaining this investment is changing the furnace filters.

A dirty or clogged filter will make the furnace work harder to move the air throughout your business, costing you money. A dirty filter won’t catch as many particulates, such as dirt, dust and even mold, in the air which can impact your employees and customer’s health.

If you have a HVAC unit and want to get the best results possible, choosing the right filter is a critical piece to the puzzle. You will learn that each type has its pros and cons and how industrial HVAC contractors can help. If you are not sure what type makes the most sense for your situation, you can rely on your trusted 5-Star seal of Approval commercial HVAC contractor to guide you to the best filter for your business needs to maintain your system to maximize its life and return on investment.


Fiberglass filters are a great choice for business owners who are on a budget and don’t want to spend more than needed on their HVAC unit. Your HVAC expert will place fiberglass filters on top of each other for improved performance. Most fiberglass filters have a layer of cardboard on the outer edges for support, preventing the filters from breaking or falling apart.

If you don’t want to run into problems, replace these filters every month or two depending on the size of your building and a few other factors. While they are cheap, fiberglass filters only offer basic air filtration and are not the best for people suffering from allergies or other breathing disorders.

Pleated Filters

Pleated filters are a great choice when your goal is to protect your staff and employees from common allergens. This option is the next step up from standard fiberglass filters and will consistently provide you with fresh air. You will need to check your filters every four to eight weeks to determine if you need to change them. If you choose this path, you might notice a small increase in your power consumption. Since pleated filters offer stronger filtration than the fiberglass option, they also create more air resistance, forcing your HVAC system to work a little harder.

HEPA Filters

High-efficiency particulate arrestance, or HEPA, filters will provide you with outstanding results. When you use them in your HVAC system, they will remove almost all traces of dust, allergens, and other pollutants that would otherwise get into the air in your building. If you have a lot of customers coming into your building each day, investing in a HEPA filter is a smart move that will keep your customers safe and happy while they are in your building.

Let Us Help

Jersey HVAC Pros can expertly guide you to choosing a filter that makes the most sense for your business, as soon as you can. Our trained, caring 5-Star Approved team will inspect your commercial HVAC system, perform regular maintenance and make any needed repairs. To keep on top of maintenance such as furnace filters, a service contract with one of the Jersey HVAC Pros is a best practice. With a service contract you get certified technicians providing scheduled service and inspections of your system, which reduces breakdowns and protects your investment.


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