Pennetta Industrial Automation


Pennetta and Sons is a family-owned New Jersey company of mechanical contractors. Established in 1970, Pennetta and Sons is the number one company in its field serving all of New Jersey for over thirty years. No matter how big or small the job, our highly-trained technicians will handle it expertly from start to finish. We have the necessary expertise in every required field and department.

Air Conditioning:

We install, service and repair the following air-conditioning and cooling facilities:

  • chillers
  • absorbers
  • cooling towers
  • condensing units
  • rooftop units
  • air handlers
  • univents
  • heat pumps
  • chilled water pumps
  • We also have temporary chillers for emergency cases.


We install, service and repair the following heating units and facilities:

  • oil, gas, electric units
  • boilers (water and steam, low and high pressure)
  • burners
  • furnaces
  • heat exchangers
  • infrared heaters
  • rooftop units
  • univents
  • condenser tanks
  • vacuum tanks
  • boiler feed tanks
  • We also have our own temporary boiler for emergency service.


Pennetta & Sons specializes in the service, installation and repair of the following refrigeration units and facilities:

  • commercial and industrial walk in freezers
  • climate controlled refrigeration storage spaces
  • hospital laboratory stations
  • We also have the expertise and experience to service and maintain ice rink facilities. We have the technical ability to service and install all chillers and controls for ice rink applications.